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lazy sketch. (x)

Jared Leto - Austin, TX 3/12/13 (by TonyLanda)
Here is a sketch I did in my great books lecture / the only good thing I’ll ever draw wow ugh
Bath by ~charcola
before you say I am pervert let me explain you a thing.
My boys~ Auron & Daniel. I drew a thing. KISSING. YEAH.

Riding in cars with boys.
Spin the Bottle

‘Okay, your spin Auron.’

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'Are you okay?'

He looks up from the window and into the confused eyes of a friend. 


The Sun Will Rise by ~charcola

We are left with the monsters we create, unable to run or hide. 

They will come. 


His eyes were stinging, but he kept rubbing them into their sockets like squashing grapes under a heavy tongue. Auron was uncomfortable on his ledge again, counting stars all alone in a big city. Nothing was fitting without that warm head on his shoulder. A tear rolled down, following the trail that many had been making all evening.

Stupid boy, always crying. People thought Dae was the emotional one — always singing ballads, always fingering at the piano, always head down. Auron cried the most though. Daniel, he had a direct line to tear ducts, with little words that hit like coins to the base of an empty jar.

Maybe because Auron felt so much around him. Sunlight kissing his bare arms when Daniel was around. Cool wind, ice under his feet when he was alone. Sometimes the ferocity of it scared him. That’s okay though, he supposed. He felt real with someone to care about. With a person that popped to mind with certain thoughts. With warm memories that are always waiting for you to visit.

Auron spent a lot of time drowning when he was younger. Underwater in his own mind, trying to see fresh skies and feel heat. Shoes heavy, eyes clamped shut. Blind for so long.

‘Stare at the first sunlight and we squint our eyes,’ he muttered, remembering when Daniel came to his door.

Two years since he disappeared, and so suddenly he was back, knocking at the door. The bruised prodigal fell to Auron’s feet.

‘I was an idiot to ever let you go.’

The tears stopped when Auron thought of that night. It hurt to see him beg, but watching Daniel, feeling the truth pouring out of his thoughts, and holding him again; it was the best moment of his life. A warm memory, it lit up the dark city sky. He wiped his cheeks clean, and smiled. There was no reason to cry so hard.

The one. He’d come back soon. His shoulder would be warm again.