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"You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul."
— Swami Vivekananda (via jhbrd)
"It is possible that longing for something is better than actually having it. I’ve heard it said that satisfaction is the death of desire."
— Hank Moody (via catnihp)

where the land meets the sea by parkerehret on Flickr.



why do height differences in shipping always have to be about one being really tiny and the other being really tall. what about one being exactly a single inch taller than the other and the second being consistently angry about this.



I completely don’t understand Erwin Smith hate, on any level, like

he was a orphan??? who joined the military to prove his murdered father’s theories (for which he was killed for) correct??? to serve and protect humanity??? he didn’t join for prestige, or titles, or fame, he literally just wants to save everyone from tyranny and titans??? also that jawline tho???

where did you go wrong in life?????????



So many books and tv shows about werewolves worship this dominance culture, especially a male-centric dominance hierarchy, and sometimes it drives me nuts because it’s regarded as the default. That if humans transformed into beasts, of course most of the survivors would be men, and of course they’d be violent and territorial and murderous, and of course they’d be vaguely chauvinistic because ‘they can’t help it that’s just how werewolves are’.

It’s this idea that the metaphor for a beast as one’s inner nature is reserved for male characters and male violence, tossed in with  frequently-inaccurate anthropomorphic assumptions about animal pack culture.

Where are the stories about the werewolf packs that are mostly female?  Where are the stories about the fact that women who’ve born children have a higher pain tolerance than men and would better survive the bite? Where are the stories about the women who spend so much time controlling their passions and their emotions and their desires to navigate in a man’s world that they adapt all to well to controlling their mystical transformations too?

What does a pack of all female werewolves look like? Is there a hierarchical structure, or something else? Does it mean the same thing to be an alpha, a beta? What does it mean to be a lone wolf?

I want the stories about how men who are bitten are more likely to go mad  from trying to keep a duality in their minds instead of coming to consensus and sharing space with their wolf-spirit. I want stories about the female alpha wolf who only offers the bite to other girls, because dudes have already fucked up ruling the human world, let’s not let them have the supernatural one too.  

I want the story about the trans girl who’s trying to change her outside to match her inside, but all of a sudden has to deal with physically transforming her body three nights a month, because hell if you ever wanted a metaphor about not fitting right in your own skin, werewolves are a good option.

I want the story about how the hedge-witches took wolves as familiars and gave them human souls, turned them into human girls, and forced them to give up the wind and the snow and the grass for a life trapped in human flesh.

I want the story about the teenage werewolf girls who hunt down other monsters while they try to find the right shoes for prom and study for their written driver’s test.  And when people joke about them going to the bathroom in a pack, it’s not really a joke. Because girls know a journey is not an adventure unless she brings her friends, and when they travel in packs, they travel in packs.

I want more female werewolves.


idk if i was drawing ur character or one of my own out of your universe/planet 
but either way
he just does not know

OH MY GOD that’s adorable!! What a babby haha, thanks a bunch!! The concept of willowy pool noodle aliens probably isn’t that new so if you want to make your own ocs of this species/universe that’s 100% okay mang! But, I hold fan art of Ulysses close to my kokoro too so it’s all good <: